Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I haven't forgotten about you...

I know it has been forever since I mentioned my "Thirty by Thirty" List... but I haven't forgotten.  Obviously a lot has happened over the last year and therefore, things have been put on hold, but I'm still working on completing some of these items before my upcoming birthday.

Just a refresher of my to do's:


1.         Go to Mexico (June, 2010)

2.         Donate Blood (January, 2010)

3.         Take a cooking class (March, 2010)

4.         Find a church home and get involved (2012)

5.         Complete 60 miles in 3 days (November, 2009)

6.         Go camping for a weekend and sleep under the stars (June, 2012)

7.         Run a 5k (April & May, 2010)

8.         Visit a vineyard/winery (November, 2010)

9.         Take a trip to California

10.       Go fishing and bait my own hook

11.       Volunteer for a good cause (different than #5)

12.       See Central Park and Rockefeller Center in the winter

13.       Plan a reunion for all of my first cousins (November, 2010)

14.       Take a midnight walk on a beach (July, 2012)

15.       Lose 10 lbs, and keep it off (2012)

16.       Invest in stocks that I have researched myself

17.       Fix something on my car (change oil, tire, filter, etc)

18.       Stay up all night and watch the sun come up the next morning

19.       Swim with dolphins (June, 2010)

20.       Find a hobby I'm extremely passionate about and enjoy it (November, 2010)

21.       Go 1 month without shopping for myself (July-August, 2009)

22.       Vegas, Baby!!  (November, 2009)

23.       Try a food I've never tried before (January, 2010)

24.       Take a walk in the rain, on purpose (Goodbye to Max & Me, July, 2010)

25.       Spend an entire day with my mom and one with my dad (from breakfast to bedtime) (Mom- July, 2010) (Dad-TBA)

26.       Take a day trip (must be more than 60 miles away) (October, 2010)

27.       Shoot a gun (March, 2010)

28.       Try something daring: zip line (November, 2010)

29.       Do something nice for a stranger without them knowing (November, 2010)

30.       Personal Goal… Have a Family (November, 2011)

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